Ouverture lente


I Musici de Montréal  I  Chamber Orchestra

Jean-Marie Zeitouni  I  Conductor

One can only expect to be amazed by the precision, cohesion and virtuosity of I Musici Chamber Orchestra. “This remarkable 16-member string ensemble makes music as if each member’s life depends on it (Toronto Star).”

Canada’s most prominent chamber orchestra lives up to the expectations in this orchestral performance lead by brilliant conductor Jean-Marie Zeitouni, revealing the world premiere of Ouverture lente, a commissioned piece by rising composer Julien Bilodeau.

Ouverture lente is an “admirably well-written, skillfully structured and picturesque piece…a wonderful reinterpretation of the milestones of western classical music, redeployed by an abundant imagination set in a soundscape colored by Nordic accents.” (Ludwig van Montreal).


Julien Bilodeau, Ouverture lente – 17′


■  Run time: 17′

■  Year: 2017

■  Date: September 24, 2017

■  Venue: Maison symphonique de Montréal

■  Format: Full HD

■  Sound: Stereo

■  Cat. no.: C-101P